The Box Purse: The Newest Trend to Hit the Streets

First I should probably apologize for the clarity of this picture.  But it is hard to walk and keep the camera steady at the same time.  I thought about getting in front and asking her to pose for a picture.  But then she was already past my turn. 

There was also the option that she would take offense at my question and come after me with one of her large bags.  And one of those bags could have been carrying an ACME Anvil which can be life-threatening if you are not a cartoon coyote.  So this picture will have to suffice because I was not willing to risk life or limb for your viewing pleasure.   

In the end, the slightly fuzzy photograph doesn’t matter because the best parts of her outfit are obvious.  Not only does she have a beach bag and a backpack but she is also carrying a cardboard office box. 

But instead of struggling to get down the street whilst carrying a large box, she had the idea to put a shoulder strap on it and loop it over her shoulder. 

This is brilliant on so many different levels.  For starters, this balances out the weight on both shoulders.  So instead of the lopsided, one shoulder hunch that I have developed, she will have a two shoulder hunch. 

And this shoulder strap contraption allows her to be hands free.  So she can open doors by herself instead of waiting for a kind-hearted stranger to take pity on her over-burdened situation and open the door for her.  (Been there, done that, had to wait a long time.) 

Finally, it can be a fashion statement.  It’s handy, eccentric, and might just be radical enough to make it down the fashion runway.

While I do adore Maxi dresses, I have packed all of mine away until next years warmer weather.  But I have to give her credit for picking an appropriate fall color.  If you are going to wear orange, October is the month to do it.  Although, most people prefer slightly more moderate shares of orange but go big or go home.  More power to her!

So if a handy cardboard handbag shaped like a box complimented by a bright orange dress shows up in the Paris fashion district or on the streets of Italy, just remember, you saw this trend here first.  And the lady in the large green hat deserves all of the credit.

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One Response to The Box Purse: The Newest Trend to Hit the Streets

  1. idiotprufs says:

    I been using a box wallet for years.

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