The Move to 7th: The Notre Dame / Miami Game at Soldier Field

Football was back with a vengeance on Saturday.  It was a fantastic weekend because the game was at Soldier Field and we didn’t have to drive.  At all.  We even only took a vehicle one way because we walked back from the stadium.  The walk wasn’t on purpose; we simply never made a decision to look for a cab.  And continued this procrastination for 3 miles.  That’s sane, right?

But I suppose I should back up to the beginning.  We had five tickets and we went to the game with two friends and my sister.  We all met at the condo around 2 and prepared to leave to go tailgate in the South Loop.  Except we never left.  It was nice to sit in the condo and visit / watch more football. 

Around 5:30, we finally realized that we needed to head down south if we actually wanted to go to the game … at this point, we were having such a good time doing nothing, that I actually experienced a pang of regret of actually having to leave the warm condo.  But these feelings were quickly over-ruled by a desire to finally see inside Soldier Field.  

Our tickets had a scurrying for the upper part of the stadium so we walked up one set of steps on the outside, then a really short set of steps, then prepared our way to make our way up the upper deck.  I was the end of the line.  So all I had to do was follow those in front as we continued up the steps (which are rather steep and narrow if anyone cares to know that).  We keep climbing.  And I kept stopping to make sure that I hadn’t accidentally lost the rest of the group.  Still climbing.  Climbing.  And finally, our seats.  In the very last row.  

Notice the concrete wall behind us? Yeah, that’s the top of the stadium.

Seriously, it was so far up that the stadium lights were in front of us!  We actually sat in the dark.  But Soldier Field isn’t very wide so our seats were still pretty good.  You could see the field.  Plus we also had a view of the harbor and Navy Pier.

The Band paying tribute to Chicago.

The only thing we couldn’t see was the fireworks.  But that’s ok.  Who goes to Soldier Field for the fireworks?

But the worst part of the seats was the climb back down (translation: back up) if you wanted a. a beer, b. food, c. a bathroom.  

See how light it is on the field? We were behind those lights. It would have been conducive to taking a nap if I hadn’t been with a group of people who probably would have poured water on me if I fell asleep.

(I think that now would be a good time to interrupt this scheduled post to inform you that I finally mastered the sock bun.  That’s what I’m wearing in the picture at the top.  Which is being grabbed by some guy behind me.  But it’s ok.  Because I know him.  Apparently sock buns are an irresistible toy.)

It was a good game.  The defense managed to hold Miami to 3 points.  But I don’t want to talk about the game.  For several reasons.  a. I might get it wrong, b. you can read about it on just about every sports themed anything, and c. I don’t want to jinx the current winning streak by talking about it.  

The final score. It doesn’t count as talking about it if I only show you a picture.

The standard game smack talk about this game with Miami is Catholics vs. Convicts.  But the only fight we saw, the first punch was thrown by a ND Fan.  I think the Miami fan started it.  But the ND fan definitely finished it. 

Also, there were some very strange shirts.  The front said, “Meet Dick.  Dick is a ND Fan.” and the back said,

Not very classy.  But it was hilarious when we saw someone with the …n’t be.. covered up by their hood. 

Anyway, that was our time at Soldier Field.  Unless you want to hear about our 3 mile walk back again.

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