It’s Beginning to Look at Lot Like … Halloween?

I walked past the group of men decorating the Daley plaza for Halloween.  The fountain was a funky orange color and they were hanging orange lights in the trees.  

Governmental waste of money aside, why are they hanging orange lights in the trees?  Do the trees appreciate having an artificial holiday imposed on their limbs and branches?  Did anyone bother to take a poll to find out if they are even in support of orange lights or if they would prefer to have white lights that can be recycled for Christmas so they only have to be touched once?  

I mean, I wouldn’t like it very much if someone snuck up on me while I was sleeping and tried to tie me up with orange lights.  Especially since I don’t particularly care for Halloween.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to kill the fun.  But I’ve never seen the point of adults dressing up as sexy nurses, sexy bunnies, sexy football players, etc …


I can appreciate an intricate costume that was designed and built by the wearer – like the rubix cube we saw last year.  Or Keith’s TARP Money: wearing a dollar bill costume and a plastic tarp.

And I totally judge people who look like they got their entire costume from one bag at a costume store.  Please at least look like you put some thought into your costume.  

My lack of interest in a costume probably stems from my lack of interest in Halloween in grade school.  To me, Halloween was always the day that you got to skip school and go to a museum.  And I like museums.  I also like skipping school.  This was a win/win.  The only time I remember dressing up when I was little was when we went to a biblical costume party – I was the Virgin Mary.  Ironically, so was my sister.  Apparently there can be more than one.  

So it’s probably not a surprise that I’m the girl dressed in normal clothing at the Halloween party.  It just works for me. 

But please, please, if you are going to get dressed up, please try to be original this year!

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2 Responses to It’s Beginning to Look at Lot Like … Halloween?

  1. Katie says:

    I know why I love Halloween–it’s the one rare, fun secular holiday that isn’t all Jesus-y or Pilgrim’d up. I’ve yet to see these decorations downtown, but it sounds like they could be a little more original.

    • DefinitionOfSanity says:

      The orange fountain just makes me wonder what would happen if you accidentally got that water splashed on you … would you turn orange? I have the same question after the St. Patrick’s day green river … what is it about this town and changing the color of the water?

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