And Then They Were 5th

Can anyone believe that I have spent so much time talking about football?  Yeah, me either.  But in my defense, I feel like I’m more talking about football activities and not actually football. 

Like tailgating.  Tailgating is a football activity.  But not actually a football game.  So it’s different.  It would be a lot more boring if I told you that one guy ran this direction and caught this ball thrown by that other guy dressed in the exact same outfit. 

Since it is pretty obvious that I don’t know any of the actual details of the game, I’m going back to the original plan to tell you about this week’s epic tailgate.  

The London group was back in town for the Notre Dame / Stanford game.  Because there were so many of us, we rented a house just off campus (yes, 10 people one house.  And accompanying drama.  But that’s a story for a later post.  Apparently the drama didn’t end after highschool).  And my mom’s house was full with my sister and her boyfriend, good friends from Ohio, my other sister and mom.  So when I say we had a big group, we really had a big group!  This doesn’t include our friend’s from town who brought their adorable kids (I love kids at tailgates!), my grandparents, (I swear this is a direct quote from one of this group) a gaggle of gays, and various other people who stopped by.    

But I suppose I should back up and start at the beginning.  We started game day by sending the guys to campus at 8:00.  They were the 4th or 5th car in the lot.  But they were entertained because Keith had set up the tv in the tailgate of the car.  And the girls followed about an hour later.  With the food.  Lots of food.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much food at a tailgate!

Then we went to watch Game Day.  Yes, ESPN’s Game Day was at Notre Dame.  Although, once again, I’m not sure if that is a big deal or not.  I’m sure I should be suitably impressed …

Then we went back to the tailgate.  Where it promptly started to rain.  

So the tailgate went from totally awesome and organized.  

To everyone crowding around under one tent.  

But if I could draw your attention back to the first picture, I would like to point out the items of interest.  A.  The TV in the back of the suv.  Running off of a marine battery.  B.  The tables of food.  C.  The keg in the back of the truck.  D.  The full size grill next to the truck.  E.  The various sets of games.  We had more, but then it rained and we put them all away.  There is more, but that’s the highlights. 

Anyway, eventually the fun had to end and we headed in to the game.  Where it continued to rain.  Good thing our awesome host thought to provide us with ponchos.  So we all looked alike but at least we were dry.

So, in conclusion, even the pouring rain wasn’t enough to keep us from having a good time.  The keg may have contributed to the good time.  It’s easier to stand around in the rain when you can stand around with a beer.  But I have officially decided that I am too old for kegs.  The proof came when I disinfected the tap after each keg stand.  Apparently that is not acceptable keg behavior. 

We are headed to one more tailgate this weekend with a different set of friends.  And the London friends are next getting together in January for a Downton Abbey viewing party.  So it will be really interesting to hang out with this group at a non-football related event.

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