The Forgotten Dog

I know what you are thinking, two posts about Kizzy in one week.  Doesn’t she have anything else to write about?  Well, this time I need your help.

Remember how I’ve told you how Kizzy’s social life is better than mine?  Well it turns out the her social life stopped cold turkey.

It started when we fired her dog walker.  Our favorite walker quit and a new walker took her place.  We (the people known as her crazy parents) have this requirement that every time Kizzy gets a new dog walker, we need to meet him/her right away.  This is to make sure that our first impressions of the person aren’t, “Well he reminds me of a serial killer” and to make sure that the walker knows that Kizzy can be aggressive towards smaller dogs when she is on a leash.

Well, we made an exception for the meeting requirement.  And Kizzy got in a snarling fit with a smaller dog.  Since they knew about this character flaw in an otherwise perfect dog … yeah, I laughed too when I wrote that … I asked to meet the walker.  When she couldn’t find a time to meet, we let them go.

So now, no dog walker.  Whatever.  At least she has daycare on Tuesdays and Fridays.

But for the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that Kizzy as had more energy then normal after a trip to daycare.  (Remember that they provide the transportation on the short bus and they pick her up after we leave and drop her off before we get home. We’re both spoiled like that.)  Because we have been using this company for years, I didn’t think anything of it.

But then I couldn’t find her on the daycare camera.  The last time I watched her on the camera, she just stood there looking tired so I assumed that she was sleeping somewhere outside of the range of the camera.  But just to make sure, I started to call and make inquiries.  “Is Kizzy still having fun at daycare?” I asked.  “I haven’t spotted her on the camera and I just want to make sure.”  “Yes, she’s fine, she’s having fun.” was the reply.

Ok.  So I guess she just isn’t moving much during the day.  That’s strange.  But, again, whatever.  Last Friday, I called to cancel her pickup since we were going to be leaving early to go to the ND game.  “No problem,” I was told.  (Is anyone counting how many conversations I have had with the daycare people?)

Well, you can guess where this story is going.  Today I came home early fully expecting to have the condo to myself.  When what to my wondering eyes would I see?  Yes, Kizzy running up to greet me.

Wait, what?  Kizzy is supposed to be at daycare.  Why is she home?

I call daycare and ask to speak to a manager.  They immediately figure it out.  “I guess you are calling to find out why Kizzy isn’t at daycare today.”  Yep.  How smart you are.

Ok.  Well, we have a new driver because our transportation guy is on vacation this week and something got missed.  Yeah, that something was my dog!  Anyway, they proceeded to tell me that it was just a one time thing.  They were very sorry.  Well, I want to know about Tuesday.  You said this guy was on vacation all week.  Huh, that’s strange.  Kizzy wasn’t picked up on Tuesday either.

At this point in time, they realized they had a problem.  And it turns out Kizzy hasn’t been picked up since the beginning of September.

I realize that Kizzy is a dog.  But I try hard to never leave her alone for more than the 8 or so hours that I’m at work.  The two days a week that Kizzy goes to daycare are the days that I feel like I can go to various activities after work because I know that she was active during the day and really only wants to take a nap after she gets home.  And that’s just what I did on Tuesday … I went to a Bulls game after work and didn’t get home until 9 PM.  And guess what, it turns out that Kizzy had been alone all day and all evening.

Obviously she survived.  She’s resilient like that.  But I feel like a horrible mother for leaving her alone all day like that.  And the couple of times that I’ve gone out for a drink after work.  Poor dog.

So yes, the doggy daycare people know that they have a problem.  And they offered to make it up to us with a new daycare package for free.  But now I’m just not sure.  Seriously, they have forgotten about my dog for over a month.  And I’ve had numerous conversations with them over that time period.  They have had several opportunities to catch this mistake.

I’m reasonably confident that we won’t have this problem again.  If we decide to continue with the status quo, then they will need to leave a quick note with the date that they pick her up.  And they need to make sure that no other dogs were skipped.  And they need to figure out why the guy at the front desk wasn’t actually checking to see what Kizzy was doing during the day.  Because they forgot about my dog!

On the other hand, we do have several years of history with this company.  And I’ve thought that they have done a great job for us.  Mistakes happen.  Kizzy is fine, I’m full of guilt, but Kizzy is fine.  I’m pretty sure that if we do decide to continue with this company, Kizzy will be treated like the queen she quite obviously is.

So I just don’t know.  What would you do in this situation?

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One Response to The Forgotten Dog

  1. mjacie says:

    Do you think it really was an accident? It doesn’t seem as though they could have missed that with the telephone conversations you have been having. Strange!

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