So Much More Than Elephant Polo

Yesterday I discovered the wonderful world of Elephant Polo.  And when I brought it up to a group of friends last night at dinner, they mentioned that they had also seen Bike Polo.

Apparently just like Elephant Polo, Bike Polo is a thing.  So of course, I decided that this needs more research.  A quick google search revealed that people do indeed play Bike Polo.

And Snow Polo.

Which is a lot like Horse Polo.  Just with the added ingredient of snow.  

Some brilliant person invented Segway Polo (which, of course, started in San Francisco but has since grown to include leagues in Germany, Sweden, Barbados and New Zealand):  

Segway Polo team names include the Aftershocks (San Francisco again, go figure, and two-time winner of the prestigious Woz Challenge Cup), the Rum Runners (Barbados) as well as the Flyin’ Fish (also Barbados), the Funky-Move Turtles (Germany) and the Vineyard Devils (no, not Napa, but Austria).

There is Canoe Polo:


Which I think might be cheating just a little because you can touch the ball with your hands.  But I suppose it would be hard to hold a mallet at the same time that you are trying to paddle.

Auto Polo:

And it’s cousin, Moto Polo.  Also known as Motorcycle Polo.


Moto Polo was developed in Rwanda in 2008 and is quickly becoming a national sport.  The sport has few rules beyond “motorcyclists cannot use their feet to kick the ball and players cannot stick objects in motorcycle wheels.”  Although they seem to have found a solution to the problem of holding a mullet while driving – they just hire a second guy to sit on the back whose entire job is to smack the ball.  Polo Canoeists, take note!

I can think of a few other variations that I think ought to be tried. 

For starters, what about Ostrich Polo?  Remember the scene is Swiss Family Robinson where Ernst trys to ride an ostrich?  Except that the ostrich wouldn’t go in the correct direction and kept trying to buck its rider?  Yes, I feel like that would add an entertaining extra dimension to the game. 

Also, I would like to see Airplane Polo.  I’m not sure how the logistics would work but I feel like it could be entertaining to watch at an air show.  I feel that it would develop a cult following if they could figure out how to make the airplane look like a broomstick and put a large-scale figure of Harry Potter on the top. 

Finally, I would like to see three-legged polo.  You know, where two people tie their legs together and try to run.  Yes, I do believe that would be extremely entertaining. 

All that’s left is to actually figure out the rules of polo so that I can begin to play the game.  Starting with the elephant, of course.

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