A Halloween Double-Take

So yesterday was halloween.  I had to make a quick run to my sister’s last night and I pulled up behind a pizza delivery car.  I glanced at the car, then I glanced away, then I glanced back, thinking did I really just see that?

Yes, yes I did.  That is a bloody foot sticking out of the pizza delivery guy’s car. 

In a costume recap, I saw 5 people dressed up as cats(3 of which were sexy cats), 2 sexy doctors, and an Edward Scissorhand.  Except Edward Scissorhand was trying to work at the grocery store and the scissors kept getting in the way. 

Oh, and because Chicago likes to be prepared for the next holiday … That black circular thing is the stand for the Daley Plaza Christmas tree.  I passed it this morning on my way to work.   

Apparently it is already time to start telling everyone Merry Christmas …

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