What Happened to November

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Christmas?

I knew this was coming because I had already seen the tree stand but I was still surprised when I found my path through Daley Plaza blocked by a large tree and the construction of Santa’s Village.  

I know we “fell back an hour” this weekend but did the changing of clocks accidentally cause a time-rift that skipped the month of November?  

And why?  I happen to like November.  It’s only slightly cold.  You can still get away with a warm sweater for short distances.  There is still some daylight left after work.  You don’t have to put shoes on your dogs feet before going out on walks … wait, I’m the only one who puts shoes on the dog?  Ok, instead of judging me, let’s just pretend that last sentence isn’t about me but rather some other crazy lady who walks her dog in the winter.  

And November culminates in my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving.  The food.  The family.  The giving of thanks.  A reflection on all that God has blessed us with over the course of the last year.  The one day where we put aside our focus on consumerism.  Except for the annual gathering of the paper to search out all of the good Black Friday deals.  That doesn’t count.  That’s a Thanksgiving Day ritual.  

It’s like the world is ganging up against us to hold Christmas day everyday.  And plenty of movies and tv shows have documented the horrible results of every day being Christmas day.  (Think of the 1996 classic Christmas Every Day and the 2001 episode of Fairly Oddparents if you need proof.)

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the Christmas season.  Everyone having happy thoughts and being nice, the lights, the songs that repeat endlessly in your head.  But why can’t we enjoy November?  

So I’m starting a petition.  Let’s celebrate fall with leaves and cornucopias of pumpkins instead of red and green lights, silly santas, and Christmas trees. 

Let’s take back November!!!!    

(By the way, I am not alone on fighting this holiday creep.  Doctor Grumpy provides a list of consequences for retailers that violate the sanctity of November.  Read his annual peeve here.)

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