Good News! The Election is Over

Whether or not your party won the night, I think we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing that the election is over.  I went to bed with visions of no more negative attack ads.  And boring debates.  Endless billboards and lawn signs.  And best of all no more bumper stickers!   

( I really think that bumper stickers should be banned because you have to tailgate the car in front of you to read the text and everyone knows that the proper driving technique requires two second spacing.  Also, good luck getting those sticky devils off of your car.)

But my peaceful vision was rudely interrupted this morning by an advertisement to vote for a representative that wasn’t even in my district.  Apparently someone forgot to tell them that the election was over. 

I don’t care enough to go find out if they won or lost last night.  But do you think that they are still paying for the commercial time?  Or are post-election election commercials considered freebies that exist just to remind everyone why they needed to win in the first place.

But then I realized an even worse option.  Perhaps the candidates are getting an early start on the next election.  And we are doomed to an endless cycle of candidates telling us why the other guy deserves to lose. 

After all, this current presidential campaign started in 2010.  So it’s only a matter of time until the next campaign starts the day after the first Tuesday in November.  

But I have a piece of advice for our politicians and hopeful politicians.  Take today off.  Give us at least a day to recover our sense of humor and love for fellow man.  Besides, don’t you need time to decide on your next plan of attack?  And I don’t mean to judge but I’m sure that more than a few of you could stand to spend a couple of days in the gym to work off the extra pounds gained from visits to ice cream parlors, bars, pizza joints, and fast food restaurants. 

So here’s to the next campaign.  May it wait until after Christmas.

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