The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

My sister is a loan office at a local bank and she had a couple come in to her office for help.  They had been married for 50 years.  My sister, trying to make conversation, asked them what was the secret to such a long marriage.  And the lady leaned in to inform her, “There is no secret.  We hate each other.”

Sister was so surprised by the obvious disdain in the client’s voice that she abruptly changed the topic.  But I have questions! 

For instance, is this hatred a new development?  Or have you hated each other since the day you got married?  What about before you got married?  What happened?  Did you start it?  Did he?  Do you even remember?  Can you be in love and in hate at the same time with the same person?

I don’t think there were any divorce proceedings in the works so obviously they have figured out some way to continue their marriage.  They are just both miserable.

What is the saying, Misery loves company?

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