The Starfleet Academy Volkswagen Beatle

I don’t really mean to stereotype a car but have you seen the video, Hot Girls Have Problems too?  My guess is that they drive Volkswagen Beetles. 

And I’m not saying anything about their level of intelligence (other than they thought that posting this video on YouTube was a good idea) because I knew an absolutely brilliant social butterfly who drove a powder pink bug. 

But if I had to pick a stereotype, I’d say the car belongs to a girl between the ages of 16 and 24 who is friendly, vivacious, and who enjoys shopping but not homework. 

I don’t mean to rule out the members of the opposite sex but to me, it’s always seems a little off when I see a guy behind the wheel of a bug.  But then again, I always thought that Mr. Smarts (still trying out the nickname.  The Dougie option was nixed) looked a little silly driving my yellow ford focus ZX3.  And I don’t think of bright yellow as a particularly effeminate color.  So maybe this detail is just me. 

But you can imagine my delight at finding this car in the parking lot. 

Yes, that window sticker says Starfleet Academy. 

This is a powder blue bug with the license plate, “Nuff Stuff,” “It’s bigger on the inside” bumper sticker, and the a-fore-mentioned “Starfleet Academy” sticker. 

I have a real difficulty processing what I usually think about when I see a bug with the fact that this owner must love StarWars.  And don’t get offended, but the big StarWars fans (and I’m assuming this person is one) tend to be a little nerdy  (Think Big Bang Theory).

Nerdy people don’t really fit into my pre-established Bug stereotype. 

This is just proof that you should never make stereotypes because invariably, you are wrong. 

I really wish that I could have waited around to see exactly who this car belongs too. 

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One Response to The Starfleet Academy Volkswagen Beatle

  1. Steve says:

    This person is most certainly a Trekkie (Star Trek fan). While they may like Star Wars, I see nothing on the car to indicate such.

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