What’s Not To Like About Thanksgiving?

The elevator told me this morning that 45% of people don’t like Thanksgiving.  As additional proof, I sat in a meeting where the coordinator thought it would be fun to go around the room and have everyone say what they like about Thanksgiving … and most people said they would prefer this holiday would disappear.  

And I don’t get it.  What’s not to like about Thanksgiving?  

Sure, from a turkey’s perspective, I can see why it wouldn’t be a favorite holiday.  It’s the one time a year that the turkey try to act all cute and cuddly in the hopes that they can become your pet instead of your dinner.  

But assuming you are the one doing the eating and not the one being eaten … the holiday can’t be all bad.  It’s an excuse to eat a huge meal WITH dessert.  You can choose to spend it with family you like and avoid family you don’t like … unless, of course, you don’t handle guilt very well and feel horrible about missing a holiday.  Then I can’t help you. 

You can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Where it is perfectly acceptable for grownups to play with large balloons.  And get your fill of football.  You can even play football if members of your event need a way to get rid of pent-up energy and/or need to be out of the kitchen while you are trying to cook.  

It’s an excuse to divide up into a kids table and an adults table … even if the kids are 30 and the adults spend most of their time being jealous of the fun the kids are having one table over.  I think that is always the reason why Dad preferred to sit with us for dinner.  

And I know we all have things we are thankful for … what’s the harm spending one day thinking happy thoughts and showing our thankfulness for what God, family, and friends have provided?  

I know I have lots of things for which I am thankful.  So let’s spend one day in celebration of all the wonderful things that have happened over the course of the year. 

My one piece of advice this Thanksgiving Day: eat a big meal.  You are going to need the energy it provides to survive the holiday rush (also known as the month of December).

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