Trading Quality Time for Quality Discounts

So today’s the day.  The day when half the population rushes for either the gas station or the airport.  The other half is busy swearing over a turkey that is swimming in sea water or an apple pie that fell in the oven.  

But tomorrow?  Tomorrow a miracle happens.  Family and friends travel short and long distances to spend Thanksgiving together.  They get together to enjoy a home-cooked meal, some wine, and definitely dessert.  Happy feelings abound.  Thanks are given.  God is blessed.

Then the dishes are washed, the kitchen cleaned, the games put away.  And the feelings of good will are replaced with a desire to have that 7th big screen tv that just might be on sale at Target for $150.  

You’re in luck!  The retailers are opening their doors at 8:00 pm.  Since it’s only 4 now, why don’t we go stand in line and wait for the open?  It still counts as quality time since we will be in line together.  And fighting through the mob together.  Isn’t that a saying, the family that fights together, stays together?  

I don’t think that this post has a point.  Except to remind all those brave enough to shop in the days immediately after Thanksgiving, remember the employees who make it all possible.  And shop at Nordstrom’s.  Because they have made it a point to not decorate for Christmas until after the holiday and, more importantly, they are closed on Thanksgiving.  Best of all, their Christmas music is only repeated for a month instead of all fall.  Thus preserving their employee’s sanity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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