Well, This Month Went By Fast

Let me see if I get this straight.  Today is December 26, 2012.  It’s a Wednesday.  It’s really like every other Wednesday.  Except for the chance of snow.  Which has only happened twice in the last 294 days.  Not that I’m counting. 

But then I remember that today is December 26th.  As in 5 more days until the end of the year.  (And only 3 of them are business days if you have any finance decisions to make before the end of the year.  Gosh I wish some of my clients would read this.)

Where the heck did December go?  For that matter, where did 2012 go?  I know we were busy.  Not that you would know that by reading the family Christmas letter.  Somehow its hard to get across the business of being gone almost every weekend between the Fourth of July and the end of October.   Because the letter turns out something like “we spent lots of weekends watching ND play football.”  And that sentence sounds boring even to me.   

And this month?  Well, I just realized that I hadn’t stepped foot in a gym since Thanksgiving.  It’s not entirely my fault.  I was tired for the first week.  Then I got sick for the second week.  (My superior immune system let me down).  And then I made the mistake of schedule something immediately after work every single day for two weeks.  My bad.   

At least we all survived the end of the world.  Or at least, I think I did.  Maybe this is all a dream.  And Southpark was right.  We are just a TV show put on for the entertainment of another species on another planet.  (This is the only Southpark episode I think I have ever watched and I can’t believe I deemed it worthy of even being mentioned in this post.)

But I suppose there is always a chance that even though the world survived December 21, 2012, I might not survive the last 5 days of the year.  But if I do, then there are going to be even more good reasons to pop a bottle of bubbly next Monday. 

So here’s to the last 5 days of 2012!

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