My One Word: Choosing the 2013 Word of the Year

untitledEvery year, I try to come up with one word that describes what I want to accomplish that year.  The word of the year in 2010 was Active.  We wanted to get out and try new experiences.  Meet friends after work instead of hibernating on our couch.  Expand our circle of relationships.  And we did.  In fact, I think we did so well, that by the time 2012 came around, I was exhausted.  

In 2012, I picked the word Hope.  My dad had just passed away and I had hope that the next year would be better.  It was. 

But then to my surprise, I discovered that the new word did not replace the old word.  Instead, they were combined together to create ActiveHope.  (And if this isn’t a real word, then it should be!)  Because we carried on the Active theme into 2012.  Trust me on this, I haven’t had a lazy evening on the couch basically since Thanksgiving.    

So now I’m working on the word of 2013.  

I’m thinking about Progress or Change.  I think a lot of things will change in 2013.  We already have a couple of big things planned for our lives.  A new home.  Maybe adding a playmate for Kizzy (probably the four-legged kind but you just never know).  Career Progress.  Especially Captain Awesome who will be finishing his MBA soon.  

There is also Compassion.  I’ve always been a big proponent of helping others.  Captain Awesome is almost done with school so I’m hoping that we have more time to pick up a volunteer activity together.  And I believe that even the small things can make a big difference even if you never know it.    

I’m thinking about Release.  Let’s be honest, I’m a little crazy.  Some times little things really bother me.  I also get really mad when anyone messes with my plan.  But if I could remind myself to be a little more flexible and to “release” the small stuff, then I might be able to save myself a lot of frustration.  If we are being honest here, I’m also a bit of a pack rat and it would be nice to be able to “release” some of the stuff that I’m probably never going to need again.  

My final option up for consideration is to Listen.  As has been pointed out to me numerous times, I’m a horrible listener.  It’s not that I don’t care, because I do.  I promise!  So I need to listen better to my family, friends, co-workers and God.  Who knows what important stuff they have tried to tell me over the years but I’ve completely missed because of my crappy listening skills.   

But whatever I pick, I need to remember to continue with what I learned from Active and Hope.

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