I Will Not Be Attending Another National Championship Game

bcs_logo_300I know that sounds like a big claim.  And the way the current ND coaching problems are going, this will probably not be a problem (i.e. Coach Kelly interviewed with the Eagles the DAY AFTER the big game.  This fact has already cost one of our best recruits.  Good job guys). 

(Sorry all!  I totally just hit Publish when I meant to adjust the size of my screen!  And the spelling was bad!!!) 

But this game was the worst.  I mean besides the obvious problem of not actually being a game. 

I like football because of the traditions.  The bands playing.  The fans cheering and doing coordinated dance moves.  And because football games are commercial free. 

At least they used to be. 

On Monday, the BCS Orange Bowl National Championship people felt the need to replay the same 5 commercials on the mega screens during and throughout the entire TV commercial breaks. 

It was just like watching the game at home.  But without the remote to turn down the volume during the game.

Seriously, the commercials were louder than the announcer.  And they even played during ref. announcements.  It was bad.  Really bad.  I totally understand why the government tried to pass a law that limited the volume of commercials to the volume of the tv program.  Now they need to apply the same law to football games.  Who would have thought that would have been a problem!

And the worst part?  They didn’t play any of the crappy stadium music!  You know, the standard Who Let the Dogs Out?  Yeah, no music until the dance cam late in the fourth quarter.  When only half of the stadium felt like dancing. 

As great as the big screens are for replays, I never want to see one again.  I’m also never going to buy a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, or use the Discover card because I now hate their commercials with passion. 

Good job planners of the BCS Championship game.  I hope you get more suckers to come back and watch your commercials next year.

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One Response to I Will Not Be Attending Another National Championship Game

  1. I was very upset that ND lost. They got destroyed and out coached… sad ending to an otherwise amazing season…

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