I Suppose it Had to Get Cold Eventually

Weather1I live in the upper Midwest.  And one of the things that you can depend on to happen every year is sub-zero temperatures.  

To those in the southern sections of this country, a sub-zero temperature is a little like Santa Claus – just because you have never seen one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Trust me, they are miserable.  Because they are almost always accompanied by biting wind which we can thank for moving those already cold temperatures quickly into the -5 and -10s.    

I will be the first to admit that I am a little out of practice.  I don’t think the temperature dropped under 30 degrees last winter.  It was glorious.  I didn’t pull my winter parka out of the closet once!  

And all of the friends who moved to Chicago from warmer climates last year were actually asking why we had been complaining about the weather for so long – they had just survived a “Chicago Winter” and they didn’t think it was anything to write home about …

Well, they are in for a treat now.  Soon they will get to experience a real “Chicago Winter.”  According to the know-it-all weatherman, Chicago needs to brace itself for the first sub-zero temperatures of the year.  

If you live someplace where hoping in the car to drive to work is a regular occurrence, the cold temperatures are something you observe from a distance.  You wear the same winter coat and your only consolation to the weather is to maybe add a thicker sweater.  But for those of us who rely on foot power to get to work, you have a whole separate wardrobe for temperatures under 20 degrees.

Winter1This is mine. 

It includes a winter parka that goes past my knees.  Winter boots that come up to my knees and are lined with sheep’s wool to keep my toes toasty warm.  Ear muffs.  Gloves.  Fur lined hood.  And a scarf that I can wrap around my head at least three times.  If it gets really cold, I add wool sweaters and double gloves.  I look a little like a big, fluffy snowman.  The only part of me that is subjected to the winter cold is my knees because I have to open the bottom zipper of the coat to actually walk.  

I wish I could tell you that I am the only crazy person wearing such a ridiculous outfit.  But I can’t.  Because most of the girls I pass on my way to work are wearing the exact same thing.    

Perhaps we will get lucky and the cold will only last a day or two.  But I still prefer walking to work in 5 degree weather than walking in 95 degree weather.  I guess it’s just a matter of opinion.  And I shouldn’t complain.

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