25 Degrees Below

It’s cold.  It’s really cold.  Monday night’s windchill was -25 degrees.  Last night’s was -10.  

The trusted weatherman said it would only take 30 minutes for exposed skin to develop frostbite.  But I decided stay inside all day Monday on the off-chance that he was wrong and it was actually cold enough for 2 seconds of exposure to cause a limb to snap off.  

It was so cold, that when a fire broke out in south Chicago, the building came out looking like something from a horror movie.  This reminds me a little bit of when Holy Name caught fire and there were icicles hanging from the cathedral ceilings. 

But on Tuesday, I had to bite the bullet and go in to work.  I seriously considered calling in cold but I had to get out of the condo so that our realtor could do some Broker’s open thing.  

So I got up, got dressed, picked up the few remaining items, and took the dog outside before we left.

I should interject and remind you that Kizzy is part hound.  So she smells things.  We call it stopping to smell the roses.  But in actuality, it is more like stopping to smell the dead bugs, the trash, the dirt … well, you are starting to get the idea.  My point is that it takes her awhile to get down to business.   

But when it’s cold, let me tell you, she does not waste any time!  The colder it is, the more efficient she is.  But I can’t say that I blame her – I wouldn’t want to expose my nether regions in -25 degree weather either.

If the dog was any smarter, she would try to figure out why she has to go outside and her human parents get to stay inside.  Thankfully, that thought has not yet crossed her mind.

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