A Similar Ice Castle Experience

CT ct-met-bridgeport-fire-rekindled-201.jpgIt’s probably time to stop complaining about the weather.  I think by now you all understand that it is cold.  And it’s not likely to improve quickly.  Which is bad for firefighters because that fire that I reported yesterday had another flare-up this morning.

So even though the building looks like one gigantic ice castle on the outside, the inside looks more like a game of fireballs, lava pits, and smoldering bushes.  (Just like the theme of some of the Mario Brother’s castles.)

Anyway, the scene brought to mind a similar event in our neighborhood a few years ago…

It was a cold and windy morning with clear skies and I was awoken by the sound of numerous sirens descending on the neighborhood.  Being that I live down the street from a hospital, I promptly rolled over to fall back asleep and I didn’t think anything of it.

But when I walked out my front door an hour or so later, I immediately noticed that it was raining.

Wait, rain?  In 10 degree temperatures with clear skies?  That’s strange.  This story makes no sense!

I glanced up at the sky to my right – definitely clear skies.

Fire1Then I glanced down at my feet and noticed these long, snake-like tubes stretching down the street.  Reasonably certain that the city wasn’t under attack by tremors, I finally glanced up at the sky to my left and didn’t even bother to stifle the gasp.

Fire2Smoke was billowing out of the cathedral with the occasional red flame shooting skywards.

There were 5-10 fire trucks pouring water on the cathedral.  Now remember, it was freaking cold.  So the church was beginning to look like this hose.  Although it lacked the ice castle appearance.

Fire3After work, I stopped by to survey the damage.  The doors were thrown open to give firefighters easy access to the interior.  And you will just have to take my word for it (because the firefighters weren’t allowing anyone to take pictures) but there were icicles hanging from every inch of the interior of the cathedral.

There was ice on the floor and hanging from the pews.  The altar looked like it had been sculpted from ice.  And the ice was even hanging from the ceiling and reflecting the colors of the painted wood.  It was surreal.

The cathedral immediately brought in a dedicated restoration staff who painstakingly dried every inch of the interior and put it all back together brighter and more beautiful than before.  If you ever make it to Chicago, I recommend a stop to admire the restoration.  But I guarantee you won’t be able to go in without picturing the interior coated in ice.

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