A Downton Abbey Viewing Party: Significant Others Not Allowed

Downton1I have a guilty pleasure – I like to read crappy romance novels.  You know, the ones with the strong heroines and happy endings.  So it is really not surprising that I am a fan of Downton Abbey.

It is like watching a romance novel unfold on-screen.  The characters that you love.  And the characters that you love to hate.  And strife is always resolved within two episodes.  (Well, except for the Mary/Mathew drama which lasted two freaking seasons!)

I was turned out to the show by a friend.  She told me she knew I was going to like the show because it opened with the sinking of the Titanic.  And, of course, she was right.  I made it through the first season in a week, and the second season two weeks later.  But then something horrible happened.

I was caught up!

There was nothing more to watch until the 3rd season was released in the US in 2013.

Downton2Since we were both going through Downton withdrawal, we did what any other self-respecting girl would do – we scheduled a girl’s weekend to re-watch the second season.  We found a friend who had not yet seen the show and instructed her to watch the first season in preparation of an entire weekend of Downton watching fun.

Our friend flew in for the weekend and we promptly kicked the rest of the guys out to their own devices.  (They can’t seem to admit that they are slightly jealous of our weekend … they all claim that they had TONS of fun without us.  But it’s ok, because we know better.)

We did manage to fit in a couple of other activities around the re-watching of the second season and Christmas episode.  We cooked dinner on Friday night.  Drank mimosas all day on Saturday (I probably won’t get sick this year because I am now on Vitamin C overload).  We went downtown to Hugo’s Frog Bar for a traditional Chicago experience (even if it was fish and not Gibson’s steak).  Bought a house.  And rejoined the guys for brunch on Sunday.

(Wait, what?  A house?)

Of course, I feel a little bad about the fact that we had all seen the second season.  But we managed to keep the spoilers to a minimum even if we had to be careful not to talk during the important scenes.  This was hard.  You know I like to talk.  And it only makes sense that I am friends with people who also like to talk.

Anyway, we have every intention of making this a semi-annual occurrence.  Who knows, maybe the guys will even give in and admit that they would rather hang out with us.   The question then becomes, do we let them?

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