How to Sell Your Home in 48 Hours

GetLibraryImage-1.aspxLast Christmas, we decided to sell our condo.  It had treated us well but all of the closet spaces were full and there were no spots left over for future purchases.  Alright, while that it is fact, I swear we put more thought into a potential move then just closet space.  We also considered outdoor space for the dog, more space for the dog bed, and a larger cupboard for dog treats.

So we made the decision to start the process.

We interviewed a couple of realtors, replaced the bedroom carpet, and touched up a couple of dings on the wall.  We had professional pictures taken, the realtor hosted a broker’s open house, we had three showings, and, SURPRISE, we accepted a fantastic offer and sold the condo.

Wait, what?  Start to finish, one month?

GetLibraryImage.aspxNow, we know that we have a lovely condo and it is located in one of the best buildings in the city.  It looks like a couple of 50 year olds live there … except that we aren’t 50.  But who knew that the condo was going to sell that fast.

All the sudden, it looked like we were going to be homeless.  But wait, what’s this?  A unit has come on the market down the street?  We all the features that we wanted.  So, we did what any logical person would do, we put in an offer.  And 36 hours later, it was accepted and we had bought a home (with plenty of spaces for the dog).

Let’s do the math.  48 hours to sell+ 36 hours to buy = 84 hours total.

I have no idea why people are complaining about the real estate market.  I’m starting to feel like this was the easiest process ever.  Let’s hope it is always like this!

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