Be Very Quiet, We’re Hunting Rabbits

DSC_3267We kindly refer to Kizzy as The Clodhopper.  This is an apt description.  When she moves, it sounds like the footsteps of a 300 lb man.  (Fine, you caught me, but I always thought that you shouldn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.)   She doesn’t have a clue when it comes to stealth.  At least, that is what we always thought.  Now we know better … well, we still don’t believe it, but it does appear to be true because the other day she managed to sneak up on a rabbit.

It happened like this:

Kizzy and her sidekick Zoe were at my mom’s house in the country.  The dogs rang the bell to go outside and mom watched Kizzy race around the corner of the house.  Unusual because, as I’ve discussed, Kizzy likes to take time to smell the, er, roses.

But soon Mom hears Kizzy screaming.  High pitched, super loud, perfectly in pitch … barks.  You know, beautiful noises.  The kind neighbors really appreciate at night.

Mom runs outside with a flashlight thinking for sure Kizzy is trapped in the fence or is under attack from a coyote.  She gets in the middle of the yard and trains the light on the dogs.  Sure enough, it was an attack.  But it wasn’t Kizzy under attack.  Instead, she had managed to sneak up on a rabbit!

Now, obviously, it wasn’t a particularly smart rabbit because it had the misguided idea of entering a fenced area that was protected by two ferocious, 30 lbs total, dogs.  And clearly its large ears weren’t working properly because I would never, ever describe Kizzy as “sneaky.”

But sure enough, she had managed to catch a large rabbit.

Mom watches as the rabbit and the dogs run circles around her.  Rabbit, dog, dog, wait dog, rabbit, dog, oh the rabbit is in the lead again!  The chase is on.

Finally, the dogs quiet enough to hear mom’s commands to leave the hunt.  And the rabbit presumably escapes.  At least, there wasn’t a rabbit carcass in the yard the next morning.  But that rabbit’s social standing will now be in question amongst his peers because I’m reasonably certain that he is now a naked rabbit.  That is, if the large amount of fur left over in the yard from the hunt is to be believed.

Mom says that Kizzy and Zoe pranced and preened the rest of the night.  They were incredibly proud of themselves.  After all, they were now rabbit hunters.

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