We’re Going to India

map-indiaWell, it’s been several months since our last vacation adventure and you know that we don’t do well without something big and exciting to plan.  In fact, I think some among us aren’t happy unless they have at least one trip in the hopper!

So it should come as no surprise that we are headed out of the country.  A

And you know that we have already covered Africa, Central America, South America and Antarctica, Australia, and some of Europe.  So it makes logical sense that our next adventure is:


We are planned this trip through &Beyond and I think I might already be tired because the schedule looks something like this:


Yes, that’s 10 cities in 18 days.  Often with 6 hours drives between them.  And that’s just northern India.  Imagine if we had planned to see all of India in one trip!

Anyway, this trip is going to range from safaris and “roughing it” in luxurious tents to cultural cities and opulent palace hotels.  Obviously, the safaris will be amazing.  I have high expectations for the wildlife, including, but not limited to, tigers.  And I do love a good palace!

And won’t it be fun if we actually get to play Elephant Polo?  Yes, that’s a thing!

Stay tuned for our adventures in India.

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