An Introduction to Our Indian Adventure

ImageLocation: India
Participants: 6.  Me.  Keith.  And family.
Planner:  My father-in-law, Buzz
Tour Company: &Beyond
Time:  Now!

 We are ready to leave for a holiday in India. We are flying out of Chicago at 3 and I promise I am packed. Actually, I’ve been packed for two weeks because, have I mentioned that we also were in the process of selling the condo? I couldn’t exactly leave it all out while trying to show the house.  Although I suppose I could have – the condo did sell in 48 hours.  Leaving my half packed bags around may have only delayed the inevitable by a day or two.

So I’m looking forward to a nice restful trip in India.  To the tune of 11 cities in 18 days. And 6 of those will be spent on safari in two camps and don’t count.

Safaris sound restful since the entire point is to ride around in a jeep all day looking at animals. But take my word for it when I say it’s exhausting.

Then we move on to the more cultural portion of our trip with days spent in Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udiapur.  Notice that to make this work, we have to spend less then 24 hours in some of these locations.

So 4 hotels for one night, 5 hotels for two nights, and 1 safari camp for 4 nights.  And they are almost all about 4-8 hours apart.  But I do expect to be an expert at getting through Indian airport security.

I also expect to return from this adventure unable to walk at more then a snails pace to say nothing of my ability to run.  And at least 5 lbs heavier due to my love of Nan, butter, and rice.  All of which can be found in excess in India.

I guess time will tell if my estimates are correct!

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