Chicago to India: 26.75 Hours Door to Door


I would post a picture of us in Delhi, but frankly, I look horrible after 27 hours of travel.

I would post a picture of us in Delhi, but frankly, I look horrible after 27 hours of travel.  I hate people who look perfect after getting off of an airplane.

We arrived at the Taj Palace hotel in Delhi at 2:45 AM – which is the equivalent of around 1:15 in the afternoon Chicago time (I am way too tired to tell if this time estimate is correct).   A nice almost 27 hours of travel.  But it wasn’t all bad, I slept 13 hours of the last 24.

I think that’s fairly impressive.

We had a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt and we were lucky enough to score a day room at the Sheraton hotel where we promptly got 2 hours of sleep before returning to the airport for the next leg of our trip.

Of course, we could have gotten another hour had I not mistaken the boarding time as the flight time.  Keith may never forgive me.

But it was nice to get a chance to shower so I’m still happy that we had the room.

Then I slept for the 6 hour flight from Frankfurt to India.

And once we arrived at the hotel, I managed together another 6 hours before needing to be awake for sightseeing.  Of which we had a full day planned.  So I guess it’s a good thing that I got so much sleep.

So now I guess the question is, how fast will my body adapt to the 12.5 hour time change.  Although, a more important question might be, why is it 12.5 hours?  Is the half hour necessary or are they just trying to make the math more difficult?

If this first hotel, the Taj Palace in Delhi, is indicative of our accommodations for the rest of the trip … then I’m going to really enjoy this hotel.

I also need to tell you that Indian breakfasts are amazing.  They include fried rice.  Masala.  Extra spices.  And are so much more interesting than poached eggs.  Which is what I originally ordered until I found out that there were other options.

10 lb challenge – going to be a success!

Soon we leave for a full day of sightseeing in the 7 cities of Delhi.

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