How to Live with Your Sister

P1050027It’s official.  My sister moved in yesterday.  And she’s even unpacked.

Granted, she still has a hole where a wall should be.  But this just gives Kizzy easy access to run from our room to hers.  Or hers to ours.  Depending on where she starts and who she remembers is home.

And I have to say, we are off to a good start.  Yesterday she made dinner.  I can live with her forever if she continues to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

But I harbor no illusions that our lives together are going to be sunshine and roses … or, in this case, grilled cheese and other food items.

No, we didn’t spend all of the time practicing not getting along in high school to not have at least one blow-up.  In fact, we’ve already made plans to tentatively plan a fight to blow off steam.  I mean, isn’t that one of the best part of having sisters?  Being able to get mad at them and then go back to being friends 5 minutes later like nothing ever happened?

However, just to make sure that we make this work, I have compiled a list of tips to successfully live with your sister.

#1.  Remember that she already knows all of the stupid things that you did as a child.  So don’t make her mad or she might just be tempted to pull one out as blackmail.  Also, don’t try to change the story.  She was there.  And unfortunately, she still remembers.

#2.  Make a list of all of the things you like about your sister.  So that when you do something idiotic, you can pull out the list and hopefully use it as a way to make her distracted enough that she forgets what you just did.

#3.  Split the cost of wine.  My sister and I have spent every Tuesday together for at least a year (although, sometimes it is Monday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or even Friday, Saturday and Sunday but it’s usually only a combination of two times a week) for food and drinks.  But now it’s going to be every day.  That’s a lot of wine drinking and grilled cheese eating time.  Tip #3B.  Remember to stock up on cheese …

#4.  When you really want to be alone, go into your bedroom and lock the door.  Remember that your sister doesn’t have this option because of previously-mentioned hole in wall.  Offer to tape a picture of a lock between the walls over the hole as a symbolic gesture.  Then try not to go in anyway.  Realize that the dog doesn’t understand the importance of symbolic gestures and has already run in to her room.  Stop and realize that, “Hey, we should probably do something about that hole.”

#5.  Remember that Keith is a saint.  Who is hopefully susceptible to wine and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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