The End of Route 66

IMAG0407Route 66.  The iconic highway that linked the Midwest with the West Coast in the 1920s and started the “Great Migration” west.  Well, migration by car anyway.

I’ve never had the opportunity to drive the length of the highway but I’ve always wanted to make the trip.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to explore tourist attractions such as world’s largest ball of string, and teepee shaped hotels, and many, many Indian curio shops.  Then make stops at the Grand Canyon.  The meteor crater in Arizona.  And the birthplace of fast food … apparently we can thank the hurried travelers a hundred years ago for our bulging waistlines.

I know that the complete highway no longer exists – with many sections of the original route being paved over, removed, or just plain abandoned.  And you really have to plan ahead if you want to maximize your time on what’s left of historic route 66.

But what I didn’t know is that what is left of Route 66 terminates just outside my new front door.  See proof in above, poor quality, photo.  (Hey it was raining here.  Just like it has every day for the last two weeks.  You try taking a quality photo using a phone that fogs over at the slightest hint of precipitation.)

So this means my daily commute to work is along Route 66.


Of course, I’m doing it wrong.  Route 66 represented the new method of getting across country – your own automobile.  But I’m still traveling my small part the old fashioned way – I have to walk.

But is still means that every day I get my kicks on Route 66.

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One Response to The End of Route 66

  1. The Rider says:

    Wish I could ride it with my bike, but it is on the other side of the Atlantic!

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