The Silver Lining in Chicago’s Six Inches of Rain

IMAG0416I missed the 6-inch rain event yesterday.  But I was able to capture this picture on our way back in to the city yesterday at 4:59.  Also known as rush hour.

Can you spot the problem?

Yeah, that’s right.  No traffic!

That sign says 4 minutes to the circle interchange.  One of the three worst stretches of road in the country.  On a regular day at rush hour, this sign would say 40 minutes or more.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever made it to the circle in less than 15 minutes.

It was like I missed the apocalypse.

Well, actually, I did miss the apocalypse if you call closed expressways, rising rivers, flooded streets and basements, needing to get rescued by rafts and boats, etc … an apocalypse.

I feel a little bad – I capitalized on the fact that most people couldn’t get to work yesterday morning due to all of the aforementioned problems.  If you don’t make it to work, then you don’t need to go home.  And thus keeping everyone off of all of the expressways.

Except, of course, for this idiot who tried to make it through a flooded highway … in something other than a semi.  And even then, it might have been risky.

CT FloodingSelects20.JPG

At least the driver was able to get his trunk open.  Ok, I have no idea why his trunk was open.  Maybe he wanted to maximize the amount of water in his car?

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying high and dry.

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