Is it that Hard to Predict the Weather?

Weather1Tom Skilling is my favorite weatherman.

It’s not because he’s better at predicting the weather (seriously, I think they’d probably have a better average if they just guessed!  Unless you aren’t good at guessing.  Like me.  In a 50/50 chance scenario, I am wrong 100% of the time) but because he always makes me feel better about the weather.

Tom Skilling could tell me it was -20 degrees with a 100% chance of tornadoes and I’d probably still walk away from the tv feeling happy.

A couple of years ago, I was watching the news as a storm blew in.  The weekend weather lady was panicking and telling everyone to seek shelter now (which everyone knows is code for, “Something awesome is happening in the sky and everyone should run outside now to see it!”).  My mom grabbed the dogs and headed downstairs.  And everyone else headed outside to give their prediction of the coming clouds.  The weather woman was repeating every 10 seconds that a tornado has been spotted … and to seek immediate safety in a room without a view.

But then Tom Skilling walked in to the studio.  Took one glace at the radar.  And told all of the viewers that he didn’t think this was anything to worry about.  Which is code for, “It’s ok everyone, there isn’t going to be interesting outside and you all can come in now.”  And then we all went on with our normal lives.

So, all this leads up to my point.  I like the WGN weatherman.  But I think he might be on something today.  Because that picture at the upper right side is the forecast for today.  To me this says the current temperature is 65 degrees with a low of XX and a high of XX.  Wait, how can the Today’s High be lower than the current temperature … I’m confused.

And it gets worse – I was just outside.  Let me tell you.  There is NO WAY it is 65 degrees out there.  I’m not even sure it’s within 15 degrees of 65.

I just can’t figure it out.  I feel like Tom Skilling knows that I want it to be 65 degrees outside.  And as long as I don’t go outside, I am free to believe that it is 65 degrees outside even if he originally only predicted a high of 57.  But then it all crashes and burns with the first step outside.  And I make an immediate return to reality.

Let me tell you.  Reality stinks.  So forgive me if I just go back to admiring the pretty picture at the top with the sun and best number of 65.  And someday.  Just someday.  We might actually have a 65 degree day!

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