All at Once, One Day, its Spring …

IMAG0425I love Chicago.  I love the people.  The architecture.  The activities.  The museums.  The restaurants.  It’s pretty much the perfect city.  Except for one little thing.


Don’t get me wrong.  I love having four seasons.  But when the seasons bleed over into other seasons, we start to have a problem.

Meteorological winter technically runs from December 21st to March 20th.  Except this year.  When I wore a winter coat as recently as last week.

Go ahead.  Check your calendar.  I’ll wait.

Yes, you saw that right.  It’s May.  And I wore a winter coat.

I wouldn’t complain if I knew that summer was going to be extra long to make up for the extra long winter.  And who knows.  Technically anything is possible.  But I highly doubt that we will have a summer that bleeds into next winter.

But summer in Chicago makes the whole rest of the year worthwhile.  For starters, all of the streets turn into outdoor restaurants.  (See above photo).

I just need everyone to know that those are tables.  For sitting.  Outside.  Complete with flowers.  Across the street from a park with trees.  That have leaves on them!

The only negative thing that I can think of about this time of year is that all of the tables cut down the available sidewalk space by 50%.  Not that I’m complaining.  But I think everyone would agree that the limited sidewalk space does make it harder to dodge the multitudes of tourists the swarm the area in the summer.

And once the outdoor tables make an appearance, it’s only a few days until the first of the free concerts in the park with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  And movies in the park.  Free dance lessons in the park.  Workouts in the park.  Etc …

I always forget how many people live in Chicago.  And then, all at once, everyone ventures out of hibernation at the same time.  Because it is suddenly Spring!

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