Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family

untitledHi, World!  We want you to meet …


We want you to meet, “blank.”

At this point, we are calling her Puppy, Dog, Monster, Idiot, Cupcake, and Sweetheart because we can’t decide on a name.   

When we first brought Kizzy home, we had just recently returned from Africa.  So we limited our search to traditional African names.  And narrowed the list even further to names we could actually pronounce.  

This time the world is our oyster. 

There is no limit.  We could literally name this dog GLSDFLKJSDF if we wanted too.  Although it might be a little hard to say.  And even harder to yell.

We’ve considered…

Poppy or popcorn.  Because she pops.
Ipa.  Because she is very hoppy. 
Dora.  Because she is adorable.
Pika.  Because she looks a little like a pikachu and it is the acronym for Pain In Keith’s A**.  
Stella.  But that name was already taken by Modern Family.  And we wouldn’t want to be copy cats.
Lilo or Stitch.  Both already claimed by a friend back home.
Penelope.  Also claimed by a friend.
Beatrice.  B for short.
Gertrude.  Then we could call her Gertie.

But I think we are getting closer to a decision.  

We are thinking about calling her Kazoo. 

So we would have a Keith, Kizzy, and Kazoo.  And Cheryl.  Which doesn’t really fit.  I’m the odd man out. 

But it’s also because she sounds just like a Kazoo when she starts to cry.  

For a 4-lbs dog, she sure can make a lot of noise when she is unhappy.  I.e. when you committ the gravest of sins – leaving the room even for a second.  

I think we are going to have even bigger problems when it comes time to name a child.

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