Who Decided to Give Puppies the Ability to Walk?

20130804_125459Bringing home a new baby is one of the hardest things.  Ever.  

I’m lucky, my four-legged baby is already sleeping for more than 5 hours at a time.  She can be self-entertained for more than 5 minutes.  And she’s working her way to understanding that we pee outside.  Not on mom’s rug. 

But there is only one thing that makes me jealous of parents of two-legged babies. 

Two-legged babies can’t walk for the first couple of months. 

Someone decided to give the 4-legged babies the ability to get around on their own shortly after birth.  And do they ever get around everything.

Although it is actually more of a “get in to everything” ability. 


So far, I’ve caught the puppy chewing on shoes.  (And who can yell at this adorable face when she tries to carry my flip-flops around the house?). 

She likes to run down to the end of the hallway.  Just out of sight.  And chew on a box. 

She also likes to be right under foot.  Which means I have already sent her sprawling across the hard wood floor. 

You have to watch her to make sure that she doesn’t try to eat her older sister’s food.  But Kizzy is such a good dog that she immediately backs away from her bowl when little sister gets in it.  And then looks up at me with the most pathetic, “But Mom, that was my food” look. 

One time I lost her.  And found her sleeping under the dishwasher. 

Which wasn’t as funny as the time she fell asleep on Dad’s feet. 


But overall, I think we are adjusting to life as a two dog family.

Except this week.  Where we were a three dog family. 


One dog is normal, two is cute, three is border-line that crazy dog family that has to take all the dogs outside in two shifts.  But I’d be satisfied if I could get even one dog to look at the camera.

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