Raising Lap Dogs

Mom1I have little dogs.

I don’t have anything against big dogs.  But I’ve always had little dogs.  (Not that small, carry around in purse, little.  My goal is to always get a dog that a grown man wouldn’t look ridiculous walking by himself.)

And we live in a city apartment and I don’t know how big dogs get enough outdoor exercise.  My little dogs?  Two mile loop and they are out for the rest of the day.

But the best benefit of little dogs?  Lap snuggles!!

Snuggling with the puppies can be the highlight of my day.  And sometimes I even let other people snuggle with the puppies.  See?  I can be generous and unselfish.

Ok, fine.

The real situation is more along the lines of my dogs love laps.  And new people’s laps are the best laps.  But at least I am a big enough person to let them stay there.


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