The Year of the Accidents

AccidentEventually, all three younger members of my family received driver’s licenses.  And pretty soon there were 5 of us driving around town.

Remember that statistic where 99% of accidents happen within 5 miles of your house?  Well, you can make that 99% of accidents happen within sight of your house.

Just ask my family.

The year started with me rear ending someone down the street in the ultra-cool Chevy Lumina mini van.  It wasn’t a bad accident.  And I still don’t remember exactly how it happened.  But I was the only one brave enough to get in to an accident with that Chevy Lumina.  And I’m not even entirely certain that the Lumina was damaged.  I think that car had a force field of angels surrounding it and my family would have done well to just continue driving this car.

Because next up is my sister rear-ending someone on the way to school.  In my Dad’s Buick SUV.

(At this point, I guess my parents gave up on forcing us to drive the lumina minivan anywhere cooler than school.)

Friday morning, my Dad picked up his newly fixed SUV from the body shop.  And my sister drove it to an after-school activity.  (Do you see where this story is going?)

She made almost all of the way home but just as she was making a left-hand turn in to our driveway, she was hit by a car drag racing down the street behind her.  My mom watched the whole accident happen from our front window.  I think she ended up being the most injured – from running down the gravel driveway shoeless.

But the car was totaled.

The day it was picked up from the shop.

So my Dad bought a new car.  A beautiful Mercury SUV.  That he gave to me to drive around town.  I guess I had finally graduated from mini-vandom to being the only other member of the family without any major accidents.

Meanwhile, my mom’s car was hit by a bus.

A city bus no less.  I don’t think that car was completely totaled.  But it took weeks to get back.

Finally, we have a new round of cars (or newly fixed cars).  The (still existing and undamaged) mini van, the beautifully large SUV and my mom’s car.

So, right about now, my youngest sister gets her license.  And she totals the new SUV in a corn field.

At this point, my Dad gives up and buys himself a absolutely boring Honda Accord.  And I bought my very first car all by myself.  A little yellow ford.  See above photo.

And that is the end of the year of the car.

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