I am Very Lucky that I Ended Up with the Man of My Dreams

images1Keith and I met at a date auction in college.  (Read about the auction here)  And our first date was to Fridays.  We were classy college students like that.

I drove.  Since I was the only one with a car.

After the date, which I think we both agree went well, I dropped him off at his dorm.  He asked me to come in because his roommate was having a party.

I said no.  Shook his hand.  And drove away.

He was thinking, wow, that was the shortest relationship ever.  I was thinking, eh, I don’t really like parties.  I’m just going to go home.

So the next day, I send him a super cool and chill instant messenger on AIM.  (Remember AIM?)  And we arrange a second date.  Same thing.

I drive.

Another great date.

On the drop off, he asks me to come up for a party.  I say no.

I leave.

Then my sister has the great car accident of the year in a cornfield.  And this guy calls right as I’m trying to get my sister out of a crashed car.  So I yell that I can’t talk and hang up on him.

And now he definitely thinks this relationship is over.

Eventually, I call and explain that my sister was in a car accident and your call came in right ask my sister was finally stopping screaming.  We make up.  We arrange another date.

We go to dinner and a movie this time.  And he finally figures out that I just don’t like parties.  It isn’t personal.

He stops asking me to come.  And we keep dating.

And eventually, like all romance stories, next comes love and then marriage.  But no, no baby carriages.

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