What is Grilled Cheese Called When it is Made on a Grill? Just Cheese?

untitled512345This weekend was the Notre Dame / USC game.  And it was a night game so that left 7 hours of tailgating – assuming you arrived at noon like we did… Wait, not everyone appreciates 7 hours of tailgating?  In the cold and wind with the occasional rain shower?  Huh.  Who knew…

Anyway, 7 hours means that we need to plan for two meals.  It also means that you really have to plan your liquid intake if you want to survive 7 hours without a visit to a disgusting port-a-potty .

The main course was our standard sausages with bacon-wrapped tater tots (read how to make them here).  I still love bacon wrapped tater tots…

But the “light” lunch option was grilled cheese sandwiches … get it? … grilled cheese?  As in cheese sandwiches grilled outside on the grill?

Trust me.  It’s hilarious.

I have to say, real grilled cheese sandwiches are the most amazing thing.  And they were super easy to make.

I made them like normal cheese sandwiches … bread with butter on the outsides, cheese, tomatoes, onions, etc… and then grilled them on a tray inside the grill until the cheese was melted.

The grill gave the whole sandwich a deep, smoky flavor.  I know I’ve already said this, but it’s worth repeating.  These sandwiches were amazing!  I highly suggest you give them a shot.

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