The Escapist

20130804_125459Kazoo isn’t THAT small anymore – she is already large than her Aunt Zoe and half the size of Kizzy.  But she is definitely fast.

Yesterday, Mr. Awesome came home from work.  He walked in the front door.  Sat his bag down and went to check his computer.  I was in the other room.  A few minutes pass and I notice that Kazoo isn’t at my feet.  No big deal.  She’s either with Keith or waiting at the back door to go outside.

I check with Keith – he doesn’t have Kazoo.  I check the back door.  No Kazoo.

Wait, what?  No Kazoo?

That’s strange.  I check the bedrooms.  Then the bathrooms.  Still no Kazoo.  Although Kizzy is following me around the house like it is a fun new game.

Finally the realization hits.  Kazoo is not in the house.  Sometimes I’m slow like that

“Oh!”, I yell at Keith as I run towards the front door, “I think Kazoo escaped when you came in earlier.”

He runs out the front.  Where he finds Kazoo patiently waiting for us to come find her.

Ugh.  The little brat!

But then again, Kizzy had a very similar escape.  Only she manged to make it out our front door, out the privacy door of our section of the condo building, on to an elevator, down to the first floor, out the security door and right in to the arms of her favorite doorman.

Now that’s an impressive escape.

Kazoo has a lot to learn.

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