Introducing Captain Awesome and His Wife, Not So

Captain Awesome and Not SoBefore we got married, the two of us sat down and had a serious conversation about name changes.  As in, my name change.

Which really isn’t fair.  Why does the girl have to do all the work?

(And to this day, sitting in the social security office in downtown surrounded by screaming families as they argued with the administrators and watching a fight break out in the waiting room is still one of the scariest things I have ever done.)

So I proposed a compromise.  Let’s both change our names.  It’s the modern thing to do.  Or so I tried to convince him.

Well, Keith wasn’t exactly on board.  But he did propose an option for consideration.  If we were going to change our names, then he wanted to be the Awesome’s.  As in, Mr. and Mrs. Awesome.

He would be Captain – as in Captain Awesome.  And I could be Not So.

Yep, you guess it.

Not So Awesome.

The Pastor even offered to present us as Mr. and Mrs. Awesome.  But sanity (or the realization how much work it is to change a name) won out.  But that’s OK.  I didn’t really want to be know as Not So anyway.

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