I see London, I see France, I can see your underpants.

12It’s an epidemic. 

Although it’s not a new epidemic.  But it is so prevalent that towns and villages across the country have banned it in public.  

I’m not really sure what is so exciting about seeing how low your pants can go without falling all the way down.  But it seems to be a “thing.”

I don’t really care.  If you want to wear your pants so low around your waist that your entire backside is hanging out … Feel free.  Just go for it.  

I only have one request.  Can you at least wash your underwear?

I don’t feel like this is an inordinate request.  It’s not like I am asking you to buy new underwear.  Or even matching underwear.  Although, I feel like this could be an undeveloped area in the fashion industry.  I can see the headlines now.

Get it now!  Underwear that matches your shirt.  

The latest thing in fashion!  Prepackaged shirts and now with new matching underwear.  

Personally, I feel lucky if I get up in the morning and both my shirt and pants match.  Adding matching underwear to the mix just might put me over the top and cause a mental breakdown.

So I can understand that matching underwear might not be in the cards for you.

But, seriously.  If you are going to wear old tighty (and not so white) whities that clearly show since your pants are almost around your knees … please, please, PLEASE … at least consider washing the underwear before you put it on.  

Consider this a public service announcement.  I know the rest of the pack that was walking behind you this morning as you made a mad dash across the loop would really have appreciated you pulling up those pants just a tad bit more.  

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