We traveled to Antarctica (via Argentina) over the Christmas and New Year holidays in 2011-2012.

The entire experience was amazing and I would recommend arranging your trip through Abercrombie and Kent – primarily because of the expedition staff.

I am the first of my friends to travel to Antarctica.  Actually, I’m the first person I know who has traveled to Antarctica.  But I wish that I had more information before I left, so without further ado, here is a review of the travel agency, Abercrombie and Kent, as well as a review of the ship, Le Boreal.

I also have prepared a list of What I Packed and, because we all have regrets, What I Wish I Had Packed.

Finally, below are our Daily Travel Logs.

Buenos Aires – Argentinian for Hello!

Falkland Islands – This Ship Stops for Whales

South Georgia Islands (Day 1) – Black Tie Optional

South Georgia Islands (Day 2) – Did you know that Santa has time to visit the South Pole on Christmas?

South Georgia Islands (Day 3) – The best get going at 4 AM

At Sea – The waves were 100 feet tall and the wind was blowing at 100 mph

At Sea – That’s a lot of beer

Antarctica (Day 1) – I think I stepped in something

Antarctica (Day 2) – There is something seriously wrong with this whole family

Antarctica (Day 3) – The day that shall always be remembered as the day we set foot on our 7th continent

Antarctica (Day 4) – The completely new and original workout idea that will make me millions

Cape Horn, Chili – The Captain’s surprise

Ushuaia – Back to land, full of people

Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Just when you thought we were done traveling

Other related posts can be found in the December 2011 and January 2012 archives.


6 Responses to Antarctica

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  2. Thank you so much for publishing this blog. My sister and I are going in Jan 2013 and this has been incredibly helpful! All the detail about life on the ship, and the description of the landiings prepared me more than I can tell you. I think my brother was on the same trip as yours but he did not share much about the details of the ship or the trip.

  3. Laurie Cohen says:

    What a great blog! We leave next January on Le Boreal with AK…this is so helpful! Should we plan our own tour in The Falklands or does AK do that? Thanks for sharing this with all of us, Cheryl…still being read years later!

    • This is still our favorite trip! I hope you have a great time.

      We did a tour through A&K to go see penguins… apparently we thought we wouldn’t see enough penguins later in the trip? Anyway, the penguins were cute but the best part was that they hire locals to drive their 4-wheel drive jeeps down to the beach. The locals were the best! They were friendly, happy, and hilarious. They told us more about life in the islands then we learned in any of the museums in town.
      I believe there were other tour options but I can’t seem to remember what they were.

  4. Felicia Demos says:

    Hilarious trip account and lovely pictures! Thanks a lot for taking the time to share!

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