We traveled to India in the late winter of 2013.  The timing was perfect because we enjoyed fantastic weather and the temperature was perfectly reasonable.

Taj Mahal

India is unlike any place I have ever been.  It’s crowded and the air pollution is bad enough that sometimes you can see the air.  But the food is amazing.  The people are friendly.  The shopping is fantastic.  And there is so much to see that you could spend a year in India and still only crack the surface of this unique place.

Unfortunately, we only had 18 days.  So we had to limit ourselves to the northern section of India known as the Golden Triangle.

Our trip was arranged through &Beyond – the same tour company that we used for our 2009 trip in Africa.  &Beyond helped us arrange the schedule, the hotels, the intra-country transportation, and even the guides.

My only complaint was that they never got my name right and I was just waiting for “Cherly” to not be allowed on a flight because her boarding pass did not match her passport.

By the end of the stay, we knew how to travel through the Indian equivalent of the TSA checkpoints at airports, we discovered that what we packed and what we used were two different things, and even worse, we realized what we wished we had packed.

We visited 11 cities in 18 days and below are our daily journals of each stop and experience.


An Introduction to Our Indian Adventure


Chicago to India: 26.75 Hours Door to Door

The Accidental Accident: 28 Hours in Delhi, India

Bamboozled: Attacked on the Road to Bandhavgarh

Bandgavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park & Our First Experience with Tigers

Almost Famous: Our Experience as Pretend Indian Celebrities

Khana National Park

Tricky Tigers: Do They Really Exist at the Khana National Park?

Learning to Cook.  Indian Style

Delhi (again)

8ish Hours in Delhi and Then Off Again on the Train to Agra


The Beauty that is the Taj Mahal

On the Road Again: Agra to Jaipur


The Rambagh Palace

Jaipur: Easily Confused with China


The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur

Shopping in Jodhpur (And We Also Went Sightseeing)


Udaipur And Our Last Day in India


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