Be Careful with That Sign

Sometimes it is all a matter of placement.  Take, for instance, this sign spotted in a Starbucks in California.


29 people is impressive…

Please note that the bathroom apparently fits 29 people!

I mean, that’s a big bathroom.  I really wish theaters would take this under advisement and increase the size of their restrooms to at least match this Starbucks.

Then I noticed this sign at a Cheesecake Factory.


Check out the top left corner…

Apparently their elevator fits 498 people.  That’s an impressive number of people.  It would shave a few minutes off of my commute if everyone could take one elevator.

But really, neither one of these signs really lives up to the major flaw on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish souvenir cups.

Whose afraid of the Figthing Irish?

Whose afraid of the Figthing Irish?

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